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BioSonic Tuning

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​What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a non-invasive, powerful physics based healing modality using pure sound vibration. It involves the application of tuning forks both on the body and in regions surrounding the body to aid in the identification and treatment of a wide range of clinical conditions. 


Identification is determined by the perceived patterns of interaction between body emissions and the overtones and undertones produced by the tuning fork, whereby specific harmonic patterns relate to specific conditions. 

Tune up to a Sound body! 


Try anyone of our sound therapy services to feel energized or remove stuck energies or trauma from your (energy) body that are causing so much pain or unease in your daily life! 


Start your healing progress today.

Benefits from Biofield Tuning Sessions

The following are some of the potential benefits reported by clients following a treatment of Biofield Tuning:

  Physical Level

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Pain relief

  • Adrenal burnout recovery

  • Treatment of headaches and migranes

  • Removal of blockages and toxins from the body

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Balancing of brain hemispheres

  • Stimulation of blood circulation

  • Balancing of hormonal function

  • Sleep improvement

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief


  Energetic Level 

  • Connection with ones Higher Self

  • Increase in vital energy flow and creativity

  • Increase in intuition and motivation

  • Cleansing of negative energy

  • Purification and harmonisation of ones emotions and feelings