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BioSonic Tuning | BQH Hypnosis | 
Introspective Hypnosis 


 Biofield Tuning sessions and Hypnosis sessions can be conducted from a distance and can be a wonderful tool in helping to build resilience during such difficult times


Shopping for someone special and not sure what to give them? 

Give them the gift of wellness with a BioSonic Tuning, BQH Hypnosis or Introspective Hypnosis gift voucher!

All gift vouchers are delivered by email and contain instructions on it on how to be redeemed.

It is valid for six months from date of purchase and can only be redeemed against the selected service or an other service with the same monetary value. Once purchased no refunds are available.


Gift certificates have no additional processing fees. 

IH 100 Euro GIft Voucher 2023.png
BQH GIft Voucher 2020.png
BT GIft Voucher 2020 vs 2.png

Buying a Gift Vocher

Please fill out the information requested below in order to create the Gift Voucher for the one you care for.

Based on the service selected, please pay through PayPal the amount shown near each service:
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 Sound Healing Sessions  


 Biofield Tuning Session  

 Adrenal Reset Treatment

 Sonic Chakra Balancing 

 Seated Chair Session

 Sonic Meridian Flush

 Distance Biofield Tuning

 Distance Adrenal Research

Euro (€) 









 BQH Hypnosis Sessions       


 BQH Hypnosis (in person)  

 BQH Hypnosis (remotely)

Euro (€) 




 Introspective Hypnosis           


 Introspective Hypnosis (in person)  

 Introspective Hypnosis (remotely)

Euro (€) 




If undecided what service to select, you can opt to give a Gift Voucher of any amount you wish to offer to your loved ones. Simply add this amount in the "Notes to Business" box shown above and include it in your payment.  

 Gift Vouchers    

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BT 45  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 40  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 35  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 30  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 25  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 20  Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
BT 15 Euro GIft Voucher 2022.png
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