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Testimonials for Sound Therapy


"I feel blessed for being able to meet such wonderful people during therapy sessions. Being able to contribute towards their well being and life changes is so heartwarming. Below are some comments that my clients wished to share about their therapy experience ..."
                                                               Susan Camilleri


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The Practitioner


Marica Esther


July 8, 2021

God has always put me in the right places so that I meet people who take me to the right people whom will assist me in my journey of healing past and present traumas and to keep on awakening. I was guided to Susan last year and since then, I have not turned back. All her varied kind of sessions has took me to places where the soul had to venture. I am grateful and feel blessed of having Susan in my life. I recommend everyone to use Susan's services, especially during these times. Thank you Susan xx

Stefan Cutajar 2.jpg

Stefan Cutajar


May 12, 2020

I had a wonderful session with Susan. She is a wonderful being, very skilled and professional in what she does.  I had a very healing session with her .. I recommend her services to everyone.

Kathy Dale.png

Kathy D.

California, USA

Sep 9, 2019


I recently had a remote session with Susan and received such a profound clearing as a result. I had been experiencing issues with pain in my right foot for several years and had some additional concerns regarding the direction of my business. Susan helped me to identify some areas where I had trapped emotions (some from early childhood). Her guidance and insight allowed me to see what needed to be released and what I needed to work on. The day after our session, my foot felt markedly better and I had some significant emotional releases in the days following as well. I’m so grateful to have found Susan and had an opportunity to experience her healing gifts.

Maria Bugeja.png

Maria B.


Aug 8, 2019

I recently went for biosonic tuning sessions with Susan. It turned out to be a very good experience. It has helped me both on a physical and emotional level. I feel so much better following the treatments. Susan is an amazing person, she does her work with so much enthusiasm, dedication and love. Thank you Susan!

Nicole Z.png

Nicole Z.


Jul 28, 2019

I was suffering from migraines and I was taking pills to stop the pain but they would not cure the actual condition. When I visited Susan she truly helped me to heal from within until eventually the migraines stopped. This is a priceless relief and I am so grateful for Susan’s services!

Ramon Agius_edited_edited.jpg

Ramon Agius


May 8, 2019  

Firstly Susan is a great person. Good things are happening since I've done this tuning. Hence I believe it affected me positively.

Anna B.jpg

Anna Buchanan


Nov 26, 2018  

I went for a session with Susan for Biofield Tuning. She used tuning forks and sound bowls. The insights that she found were incredible and explained a lot about what was happening to my body. When I awoke everything looked so vibrant and clear. I felt a sense of connection to my environment and inner strength. I highly recommend this to everyone wishing to feel complete and in balance.

Claudia Magro 3.jpg

Claudia Magro


Jul 25, 2018  

Sound therapy has changed my life in a positive way. Susan is a very professional, compassionate and intuitive person. She taught me things that have never been aware of. Thanks to her I am a more balanced, happy person.

I highly recommend her sessions as its life changing. Blessings xx


Dominic Dimech


Jul 18, 2018  

Susan today was an amazing day for me, first of all finally I met you again on this planet Earth which we love so much. Secondly because you put me back in track after I was going through a very tough patch in my life. In less then 12 hours I feel joyful for life again. Your tuning into vibrations makes me feel much better. I thank you for being an instrument in God's hands, from my heart thanks again.

Kevin Falzon


Dec 22, 2017  

Your work is a blessing to many people. Thank you sister!

Derek Peach.jpg

Derek Peach

London, UK

Dec 21, 2017  


Amazing intuitive healer with a lovely empathetic approach.

** We respect that some clients prefer to remain anonymous with their testimonial.

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